There are many reasons why you might want to start a business and become your own boss. Whether you need more flexibility in your life, more money, or perhaps you justwant to escape from office politics and make your own decisions. If starting a business is something that you are considering, then the time to start doing something about it is NOW.

A recent report reveals almost nine in ten (88 per cent) of small to medium sized owners whose businesses began trading in the new year, representing more than 4.8million firms in the UK, say their business is a success.

 If starting your own business is in your plans, then it’s vital to get a few important things   in place; a clear business plan that will see you through the first 12 months, funding, and making sure that you can get the support and guidance that you need. As part of this, Indieworx Collective can help. Coworking doesn’t just mean a place to work. It is also a community of helpful and friendly business owners. We also run a series of workshops and training which will give you vital advice on the many aspects of running a business.

Whether you need a full time desk, or just a place that you can work from a day or two a week, Indieworx can give you a cost effective alternative to working from your bedroom, or the coffee shop. Free tea and coffee, fast WiFi and on-site parking means that you can concentrate on making the most of your business without the distractions of home, or the cost of a permanent office.

Working with local universities and start-up funding bodies, we can also offer structured support and advice, in areas such as legal responsibilities, e-commerce, marketing, will give your new business the very best chance of success.

So, if you’re thinking of setting out on your own, why not come and have a chat? You can try a day here for free, and see if coworking is right for you. Even if all you take away is a love of our (frankly excellent!) coffee, it’s got to be worth it!

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