Indieworx Collective is a coworking space for both established companies and for startups working on their new businesses in Harrogate. But what if you’re still at the idea stage of your business? We look at some resources that can help you get ready to launch your career as an entrepreneur in Yorkshire.

Starting a business is a tricky proposition. You’ve had a good idea, you can see there is a gap in the market that you can grow into, and you’re probably keen to get going. But it’s not as simple as that. There are so many things that you need to think of, and Google returns a whole heap of answers which all seem to disagree with one another.

The stats for startups are pretty scary to look at too. In Yorkshire in 2017, we saw 23,000 new businesses begin but 24,000 fail.

 So where is the right place to start to grow your idea into a thriving business?

 As proud Yorkshire folk who like straight talking and simple, easy to understand answers, we’re big fans of the Yorkshire Powerhouse. Set up to help local entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business as well as offering advice to those already in business, the website is jam-packed with helpful guides and insights into the processes of running a company, from your first stages of planning through to marketing, finance and finding a mentor to help your business succeed.

Another key local supporter of startups is Ad:Venture. In fact, our founder Jem Henderson worked closely with the business advisors from the Ad:Venture programme to go from a phone call asking about the support for her initial idea, right through to the point where the doors opened on Halloween for the launch. Leeds Beckett also run workshops for the programme and they will be coming to run some in the coworking space in the new year. There is also a local business advisor who is keen to meet up with aspiring and businesses that are less than three years old to help them access the support and funding that they need.

There are also a lot of sector-specific activities that can help you with your developing business. One fantastic example is Tech Nation who run the Digital Business Academy. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup or if you are looking to scale which offers short free courses for tech businesses to upskill people, there’s a course there to help you develop your business.

One of the reasons Indieworx Collective was set up was to help businesses at any stage with their growth and development. If you’re interested in courses and workshops, you can keep up with ours by subscribing to the newsletter or visiting our ‘what’s on’ page.

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